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The Souls Story

An exploration & practice

Let’s explore our minds for a moment.

Take a journey through the soul.

Take your first deep breath.

Connect back to your heart, release all that’s in your mind.

Imagine descending into your heart.

The heart as the place where we connect back to divine love.

The heart as the place where we connect to all worlds.

The heart as the seat of the soul.

Take another deep breath.

As you inhale, know that you are merging with your soul from within your heart. You are entering the holiest place on earth, merging with the essence of who you are.

Dive deep into your breath, feel the essence of your soul

Begin to imagine all of life’s possibilities

When you are ready, gently ask your soul, what would you like me to see?

You may use this practice as your own.

I will now take you through the story of mine.

I asked my soul, “what do you want me to know?”
It replied I want you to question everything.
I want you to explore the depths of your soul.
Let go. Your heart knows the way.

I felt small at the moment.
I was confused and afraid.

My soul challenged me,
Are you open to what you can’t see?
Are you ready to understand?

The life you are living is not only your own.
Your soul is a gift from God.
It holds more than you understand.

I continued to listen as my soul spoke,

You hold the power of choice in your life.

You are able to choose how much you want to live, how much you want to love, how much you want to learn how much you want to grow.

Lastly, when your body grows tired, you choose when you’d like to let go.

I was confused. Things happen without our choice.
Things happen that don’t make sense in the world.
Things happen we don’t understand

Even when you don’t understand, you still have a choice, my soul responded

Your soul is the one making the story.
Your body is simply along for the ride.
Your body is your home.
Your soul is your life.

Your soul is a part of you, it holds everything inside.

Your light, your darkness.
Your courage, your wisdom.
It holds all your love.
It holds all your pain.

It holds all your greatest strength.
Your body is only here for a moment. 
Your soul’s life never ends.

What is your meaning of “ending ”? my soul asked.

These endings you see are not what they seem, these endings are your soul’s new beginning. A new chapter in your soul’s story filled with choices you’ll have to make.

I listened in silence.

Your soul is filled with wisdom.
Your soul is filled with strength.
Your soul lives on forever.
Your soul’s story never ends.

But not in the way you think, there will never be another you.

Your soul’s wisdom goes where it’s needed, my soul took me there. 
It took me to my body’s last few days of life.
Your body has grown tired, your eyes and heart are weak.
If you are ready, you may choose to let go.

As I began the journey, I descended closer to my heart.

I felt peace, simplicity, pureness, and joy.
My soul was surrounded by love.

As I merged deeper into the light, someone recognized me.
They recognized my soul — welcome home, they said, your soul is needed once again

Your soul is filled with wisdom.
Your soul is filled with strength.
Your soul is filled with love and light.
The world needs you once again

They showed me the sick, the lonely, the forgotten, and afraid.
They told me, we will give them your love so they can remember their way.

They showed me the suffering, the lost, the angered, and pained.
We will give them your strength so they may find their way.

When you choose to let go, we will shine your light in the darkness so people can find strength. We will give your love to the suffering so they may heal through their pain. We will deliver your wisdom to the children, so they won’t forget their way.

It is your choice to let go.

At that moment, I understood.
When our bodies are lost, wisdom, love, and light are gained.

I spoke to my soul,
I see you now.
I see your purpose.
I see your truth. 

Each soul is a gift for the world to see

You may access this truth in your soul at any time. 
There are always parts of yourself you may choose to let go. 

Transcend the mind’s chatter, transcend the ego’s fear.
Live deep within your soul, it’s truth will appear. 

The beginning introduction is a combination of & my own personal guidance and The Soul Voice Meditation by Megan Watterson (Author of Mary Magdalene Revealed & The Divine Feminine Oracle).

Travel through the depths of your heart. 
 Explore the silence of your mind. 
 Awaken what’s within you.

You don’t need to travel all over the world to find beauty and peace. 
The greatest beauty and simplicity the world holds exists within you.

The same beauty you see in the trees and stars are alive within you.They are alive inside your heart. 

That feeling of a cool summer day, the wind upon your face, the grass beneath your feet. A lover’s touch, moments of silence, moments of peace. 

Those feelings exist within you, they are alive inside your heart. 
 Even if the feeling is not present at the moment, it is present in your heart.

The mind forgets a memory. 
The heart remembers the feeling forever.

You can access it at any time. 
You must choose to let love come through.
This is how we find true beauty.
This is how we find true peace.

Disconnect from the meaning of the moment.
Look at the world with the feeling in your heart.

Reconnect with small moments of joy, moments of laughter, moments of peace. This is how we bring simplicity back into our lives. 

Our minds are always asking for more.
 It is our heart that knows peace.

You don’t need to travel all over the world or attend a spiritual retreat to feel the beauty of divine love.

 That beauty lives inside you. 
 Open up your heart, 
 Let its power come through.

The journey through your soul is the greatest adventure you can take, traveling through the depths of your heart, exploring the silence of your mind. This is how you awaken what’s within you.

The soul is always on a journey back home, but the soul can not do it alone.

When you were created, God told your soul, 

The world needs you, it’s time to let go”

“Share your magic, 
Share your message, 
Share your heart,
Share your truth
When you are done, 
Return back to love.”

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