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The Surrender

The greatest adventure you can take is the journey through your soul 

Travel through the depths of your heart. 
 Explore the silence of your mind. 
 Awaken what’s within you.

You don’t need to travel all over the world to find beauty and peace. 
The greatest beauty and simplicity the world holds exists within you.

The same beauty you see in the trees and stars are alive within you.They are alive inside your heart. 

That feeling of a cool summer day, the wind upon your face, the grass beneath your feet. A lover’s touch, moments of silence, moments of peace. 

Those feelings exist within you, they are alive inside your heart. 
 Even if the feeling is not present at the moment, it is present in your heart.

The mind forgets a memory. 
The heart remembers the feeling forever.

You can access it at any time. 
You must choose to let love come through.
This is how we find true beauty.
This is how we find true peace.

Disconnect from the meaning of the moment.
Look at the world with the feeling in your heart.

Reconnect with small moments of joy, moments of laughter, moments of peace. This is how we bring simplicity back into our lives. 

Our minds are always asking for more.
 It is our heart that knows peace.

You don’t need to travel all over the world or attend a spiritual retreat to feel the beauty of divine love.

 That beauty lives inside you. 
 Open up your heart, 
 Let its power come through.

The journey through your soul is the greatest adventure you can take, traveling through the depths of your heart, exploring the silence of your mind. This is how you awaken what’s within you.

The soul is always on a journey back home, but the soul can not do it alone.

When you were created, God told your soul, 

The world needs you, it’s time to let go”

“Share your magic, 
Share your message, 
Share your heart,
Share your truth
When you are done, 
Return back to love.”

But our souls can’t make the journey alone. 
Most of our souls don’t make it back home
We become guided by ego.
We become guided by pain.
We close off to love.
We lose our way.

But the soul knows no limits, 
The soul knows no pain.
The soul finds beauty in all your mistakes.

Our mind tries to stop us, it feels us with fear, “you don’t need to feel love that is not here”. But our heart knows true beauty, our hearts know the way. 

Our ego comes through, it knows we must go
Our ego tells us not to let go.  
The heart screams louder, it fills with pain

“Please, I can help you remember your way
I need you to see why God made you feel.
I need you to see why it’s time to heal.
I know it’s hard to heal through the pain, 
Take this journey with me, 
I’ll take it away.”

I have the power to turn your fear into faith. 
I’ll help you forgive. 
I’ll give you strength.

Take this journey with me.
Allow my love to come through.
Once the ride’s over, you’ll see all I can do.”

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